Microsoft Inc. is going to insert changes to the design of Nokia X series smartphones – informs NDTV. The major change is adding of home button in Nokia X series Android smartphones! Nokia X platform is the customized version of Android operating system. Nokia X based smartphones are Microsoft’s one of the efforts to occupy the middle range Android powered smartphone market
After creating lots of buzz, Nokia has announced Nokia X, Nokia X+ & Nokia XL smartphones in Mobile World Congress on 24th February 2014. After buying Nokia Mobile, Microsoft has decided to make few changes in design of Nokia X series smartphone.

Nokia X series smartphones Home button

Nokia X series smartphones are powered by Android OS, but it’s interface and design is not same as other Android powered smartphone’s. It’s home-screen is almost same as Windows OS powered smartphone. Play Store and other default Google apps such as Gmail, Google Maps, etc are absent in Nokia X series smartphones. Instead Nokia has put their own apps. It has Metro inspired UI and access to Nokia store to download apps instead of Play store. 
The major change, that Microsoft is going to make, is to add Home button. Previous version of Nokia X series smartphones don’t have any home button. Rather, it contains a ‘back’ button. Now Homescreen appears if back button is long-pressed. At last Microsoft has taken steps after receiving lots of complaints from customers.

Microsoft hasn’t announced anything about changes yet. So nothing is finalized. We have to wait to know the full story.