Have you ever played Mustapha Game (Cadillacs & Dinosaur) during your school days? If you were a kid in the nineties, you are more likely than not to have played the game. In that case, you also must have remembered how addictive the game was.

Now, for you to feel nostalgia, there is an Android version of the game available for free. Go below to download the Cadillacs & Dinosaur, or more popularly among South Asian kids, Mustapha or Mustafa Game, on your Android phone and spend some time going down the memory lane.

The game’s name has many variations. For former kids in South Asia, the name was pronounced as Mostofa Game or Mustafa Game or even Mostopa. Either way, the game had the kind of simple yet fascinating storyline that would immediately get you hooked. The functionality was easier; easier to kill with a simple set of arms, with each having distinctive qualities or features.

Mustapha Game (Cadillacs and Dinosaur) on Android Mobile

The Android version of the game includes all levels that you used to play, unlike previous mobile versions, which had only four levels. We have two versions of the game, one as an APK version, and the other on Play Store. If you want to download directly the apk version, you may face a warning before installing the game.

The crazy popular game may not have the best graphics quality in today’s terms, but it does certainly have a very challenging and addictive set of tasks. From the heroes, who include Mustapha, to the villains, everyone is as legendary as ever.

Mustapha Game (Cadillacs and Dinosaur) On Android
Mustapha Game (Cadillacs and Dinosaur) On Android

Download mustapha.apk for free!

You can also download the Mustapha Game (as a form of Classic Game) from the Play Store if the abovementioned link does not work for you.

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