It’s now ‘Microsoft Lumia‘ samrtphone, not Nokia Lumia. In a post of Nokia Conversation Blog, Microsoft official unveils the plan to release a new Lumia Smartphone – before which, the word ‘Microsoft’ will be placed, that replaced Nokia. Last two Nokia Lumia smartphones were Lumia 730, and Lumia 830. But it seems like Nokia Lumia will not be available anymore.
Microsoft Mobile department’s senior vice president of Tuula Rytila confirmed in a interview that Microsoft would bring new smartphones with its own name. He was saying that re-branding process was on the way. Websites and name of local and international services of Nokia would also be changed, such as: Nokia store would be replaced with Lumia Outlet. But selling of current Nokia smartphones would be continued. Noted that, Microsoft bought Nokia Mobile in April this year.

Microsoft eyes on low-end smartphone? 

Last few months ago, we said that Microsoft was eying for low end smartphone market. Even, Microsoft said that new Microsoft Lumia would be released in 11 November this year. And their target is clear. This new phone is the next version of Lumia 635 and would be available in developing and populated countries – China, Bangladesh and Hong Kong. They try to occupy the huge market of 3 populated countries. China is the biggest populated country in the world and Bangladesh has the population with highest density in the world. 

New 'Microsoft Lumia' phone

It’s still unclear how much affordable latest Microsoft Lumia will be. It will have front and back camera. Both side of camera have 5 MP. Selfie and video calling will be fun. It’s display also will be 5″ qHD. It will also support 3G. Apart form this, no information has not pulished yet.