It seems like Google is going to unleash the new version of Android OS, and it will be Android 5.0 instead of Android 4.5! Google, apparently, has given at least one hint that indicates the next version of its smartphone operating system will be Android 5.0, not Android 4.5! Rumor is being spread that the next version of Android OS will be announced in October of this current year.

Google announced Android v4.4 Kitkat, the latest version of the operating system, in October last year. Rumor also suggests that the name of the next Android 5.0 will be Android Lollipop! Experts are saying that Google has included some features in upcoming Android those will let users feel the new experience of smartphone browsing!

Not only changes come to the specific sections of the OS, as Google says, but also changes will be made in user experiencing.

The big hint from Google on Android

The latest teaser came in the form of a photo (screenshot) tweet from Google’s official Twitter account regarding Google Now’s new World Cup feature, which shows the system clock as 5:00. We have posted that tweet below-

That sounds like we might be reading too far into things, but since Android 2.3 Google has used the clock as an indicator of whats its next OS will be. And if you go and check out the devices on the Google Play Store you’ll see they all read 4:40 as the current time. A leak from earlier this year indicated that Google is plotting to bring Android, Chrome and Search all closer together in 5.0.

Andoid 5 hint from Google

As for the name, the new Android is currently going under the sweet moniker of Lollipop, but who knows which delicious treat will get its moment of fame?