What’s Special In New Version:

1. It has two different kinds of menu mode suitable for touch screen phones and non touchcreen phones. It’ll bring you new experience

2. The install pack get smaller in size and browser will run more smoothly

3. Automatically match the language data for your browser,no need to choose it manually And you can switch the language data at any time.

4. Supports UDisk

5. Supports GIF animation

6. It has App Gallery as new feature


1. When you go back to the home page from some other page,there would be two hightlights at the same time on the homepage

2. There are some problems in displaying the folding bar at the home page

3. If the picture displayed on the page in a large size and when you scrolling down the page the screen would be blurred out

4. When you open the tab list on the Nokia touch-screen phones,some functions cannot work.

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