All of us have friends who can be very annoying. On Facebook, they can send you all the crap that you do not want to see or call during odd times. You might ignore their messages but at one point you gotta tell them you have had enough. But blocking them outright would be a bit too much. The solution? You can now block messages and calls from friends on Facebook Mobile without blocking them. It means you would still be friends on Facebook but she or he would no longer be able to send you messages.

If you are using a modern browser like Chrome, Firefox, UC Browser, Opera, etc, go to your mutual conversation page. From the top-right corner: Block Messages > Block Messages

If you’re using a lite browser like Opera Mini, UC Browser Mini, etc, then go to the bottom of the conversation page. You’ll notice an option named ‘Block Messages’ and tap on that.

In the new page, tap on the option named ‘Block Messages’.

  • If you are on the messenger app, find out the person you want to block. Go to the conversation page. At the top right corner of the page, tap on the More icon. Scroll down a little bit and tap on Block > Block on Messenger. Enable the toggle.

After you have

To ‘unblock’ him/her, you should follow the above process. But this time, you’d see ‘Unblock Message’. Otherwise, you need to send him/her a message in a general way. Facebook then will say that you must unblock him/her first. Tap on the provided link to unblock the person. And from then on, both of you would be allowed to exchange messages.