Now a days, almost everybody has a mobile device. Most of the mobile users use at least a single smartphone around the world. World becomes too small for everyone to be connected. And much credit goes to smartphone era. When you talk about smartphone, then you must bring Android OS that made a revolution across the smartphone industry over the decade! And Android app development becomes one of the attractive and much wanted free-lance jobs in the world. Android app developer are always thinking how to make a necessary or creative app that would be appreciated to the users. Android app development occupies the places of computer software and web development day by day. People say, if you can develop an awesome app that would be popular around the world, then won’t need tension about earning money!
Many app developers’, around the world, main earning source is making android app! So I think you’re here to make your first android app. I would like to share few matters with all of you that might be useful for those who want to develop app and make it their career.
At first you need to know how to make an android app. But before starting gaining knowledge about that, you have to choose for which platform you will make apps. Because there are variety of app development fields. There are several smartphone operating system, such as: iOS, Android OS, Windows OS, etc. Each of those OS is built on different programming language. For example, if you decide to make apps for iOS then you need to know Object C. For Android, you have to know Java programming language. And if you choose to develop app for Windows OS, then learn C+ language. So choose it wisely. For your kind information, in a recent survey, it is showed that, most of the developers like to develop app for Android OS.

Primary Concept of Android App Developemnt

When you will be able to decide on which platform you’ll make your first app, then yous should know about IDE or integrated development environment. Each OS has its own IDE and it’s different from each other. You have to make apps using IDE. After developing applications it might not be working. So that you need a virtual device. A virtual device is attached with IDE. This virtual device is called by emulator. You can check whether there is any bug in your app by testing it through emulator or virtual device.
You can develop app in another way without using IDE. This method is called by cross platform app. You have to make app in this way by using HTML5, CSS, JavaScript. There is a special matter in cross platform. Apps, developed using cross platform, can be run in any platforms! But there is a problem too. This kind of apps might be slower. And now you are thinking to develop app using HTML5, then you have to know HTML, CSS, JavaScript. It is little bit of easier than IDE method. And most of the people develop app using this method as those app can be used in any devices. So mobile OS makers are preferring those apps and thinking how to make their OS to let HTML5 based apps be run speedy.