Within five weeks after being released for iPhone and other Apple devices, art photo editor Prisma managed to take global users by storm, with securing the top place at the App Store in more than 40 countries. Aside from being downloaded for more than 10 million times, it has a loyal user base with 1.5 million using this on a daily basis.

The ‘Prisma effect’ could be felt on Facebook, too, as people have since been posting their Prisma-edited photos that are similar to art masterpieces.

Bangladeshi audiences, though jokingly, found out that Prisma’s effect has a strange similarity with Bangladesh’s decade-old ‘rickshaw art’.

You’re very unlikely to know, but there’s a page in Wikipedia entirely devoted to the unique colorful rickshaw art, which is painted by rural painters on the back of a rickshaw, a popular human-driven vehicle.

There’s variety in rickshaw paintings. But recreation of popular Bengali movie poster seems to be dominant. However, nowadays painters look to go international.

Recently, a rickshaw painting depicting the poster of popular US TV series ‘Breaking Bad’ and another one showing an apparent family photo of the US president Barack Obama claimed praise from Bangladeshi online community.

But comparing the paintings with Prisma effect seems to go beyond being made a joke of. Many were seen to have expressed regrets for not doing enough to exhibit such ‘beautiful works’ before global audiences. 

Arif R Hossain, the country’s most popular Facebook user in terms reactions towards each post, for example, has recently uploaded a picture that shows that a boy takes a selfie with his smartphone, apparently only to apply Prisma effect and then upload it on Facebook, during a ride in rickshaw that has a colorful ‘art’ behind.

Mr. Hossain, like many others, perhaps wanted to say that Bangladeshis are not appreciative of domestic beauties but become delighted to have a similar but foreign elegance.