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Netflix’s hit documentary, The Social Dilemma, may not have presented a very unique case against social media addiction. But its powerful visualisations, a combination of documentary conversations with fictional family plagued by social media-induced effects on society, and especially the symbolic AI robots determined to cash in on us do manage to terrify the audience. […]

If you are into both politics and technology, it must have intrigued you which mobile phones world leaders are using. Do they use normal phones like we do or some custom-built super phones? The simple answer would be both. Which mobile phone do most world leaders use? According to our analysis of several prominent global […]

Almost all of us can recall moments when we reluctantly decided to not send an email to someone simply because it would contain confidential documents which we do not want anyone to see except for the recipient. Those days are over. With a new feature introduced by Google’s Gmail and Microsoft’s Outlook, you can practically […]