We used to record screen of desktop to make tutorials or for some other reasons. But smartphone’s screen recording? Today I will describe how to record screen of iPhone. Due to security concerns, Apple doesn’t allow any application to record screen of iPhone(s).  Many of us might know about recording screen of iPhone using Mac computers as Mac OS support screen recording by default. There is another way to record screen of iPhone on the phone itself but that will only work after jailbreaking your iPhone.  However, I will describe how you can record screen of iPhone (iPad too) on the phone itself (without using PC and without jailbreaking). In my own view, it’s the simplest ever iPhone’s screen recording method that I have experienced.  

Requirements to Record iPhone’s screen on phone itself

  • At first, you have to update your iPhone to iOS 7 or iOS 8. Because, the method we are going to apply only works in iPhone that runs in iOS 7 and iOS 8. If your device is iPhone 4, then you can only update your iPhone to iOS 7. But latest iOS 8 is available for iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S. iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are already updated to iOS 8. Follow the link to update your iPhone that provides the easiest way to update your iPhone.
  • You have to download an app namely Shou. It lets you to record iPhone’s screen without jailbreaking your device. You don’t even need a PC! As I said earlier, Apple doesn’t allow any app to record iPhone’s screen, you might wonder thinking how can Shou record screen of iPhone then! Well, Shou is also not available in App Store. You have to download it from an unofficial source. But, trust me, it’s not harmful for your iPhone at all. However, in order to download Shou in your iPhone, you have to install a custom store namely Emu4iOS. Download and install Emu4iOS in your device.

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Instructions to Record iPhone’s Screen on phone Itself

  • I guess, you have already updated your device to iOS 7 or iOS 8 and installed Emu4iOS. Now open Emu4iOS in your iPhone. A popup warning may appear, ignore it by tapping Trust.
  • You’ll see a list containing several apps in Emu4iOS store. You’ll see Shou in the top of the list. Tap on Shou from the list. New page will appear and tap on install. A popup may appear, tap Install.
How to Record Screen of iPhone Itself
  • Now open Shou. But you need to sign up for an account in Shou before recording iPhone’s screen using this app. You can sign up for Shou account using Facebook, Email and Google Plus. 
  • In order to record iPhone’s screen while you’re playing games or watching videos, make sure you have activated Assistive Touch to get better result. Go to Settings -> General -> Accessibility, then toggle Assistive Touch. After providing Email, Facebook or Google Plus credential to Sign Up, Shou may suggest you to enable Assistive Touch. Tap on Ok.
How to Record Screen of iPhone Itself without Jailbreak
  • After signing up for Shou, tap on Start Recording. Now you device is being recorded. You’ll notice a Shou banner at the top of your iPhone’s screen while it is being recorded. 
  • To finish recording iPhone’s screen, go to Shou and tap on Stop Recording. Now slide over to the Recording tab to view the recorded files you have just created. 
How to Record Screen of iPhone itself without PC
  • Tap on the recorded video file in Recording tab and few options will appear. You may Play the recorded video within the app, or open the app using player, save the video in Camera Roll, or delete the video. After saving the recorded video in Camera Roll, you can find the video in gallery.

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