Samsung has unveiled the first smartphone powered by its own operating system Tigen OS. The smartphone, namely Tizen Z1, has already been launched in Indian market. It is thought that in order to decrease dependence on Google’s Android OS, Samsung has been trying to develop its own smartphone operating system. 

Samsung's own Tizen OS powered smartphone Z1 begins journey

In June last year, Samsung announced that it would launch its own Tizen OS powered Smartphone. Last week, Samsung, one of the world’s top smartphone manufacturers, said that the price of Tizen Z1 would be 90 US Dollar.
Tizen Z1 boasts liquid-crystal display and 3G. Experts say Samsung is looking to occupy strong position in software market as well as in hardware market where it has already been a top player. However, Samsung previously planned to launch Tizen Z1 in Russia and Japan in last year. But it cancelled the decision to expand the area of Tizen OS platform.
Android OS is used in Samsung’s most popular smartphone devices such as Galaxy S smartphones. Samsung said that its new OS is a platform that is designed to use not only in smartphone but also in internet friendly electronic devices such as home security system, smart watch, etc.
Earlier this year, Samsung launched Tizen powered smart TV in Las Vegas, USA. Basically, Tizen is a general operating system that can be used in middle-end electronic devices as an easy user interface. Basic functions like phone call, messaging, etc is especially designed in this OS.