It is kind of weird that Facebook has forced its users to install a separate app, Messenger, to see the inbox. But even the standalone app on Android does not allow you to execute one key operation: send docs (such as PDF or MS Office files or audio files). Even weirder is the fact that even though the main version of the Messenger does not let you send docs, the Lite version aka Messenger Lite does.

On the Messenger, you can only send photos or videos or record an audio message. But you will be able to send docs on the Messenger for iPhone just normally. Discriminating Android users? (Not fair, Facebook! Not fair!)

However, we have come up with three possible ways for you to send docs on the Messenger app. The first involves Messenger Lite, as was just said. We will show you how you can send docs on Messenger Lite normally, without resorting to any other tricks.

The second method requires you to install an additional app, which is handy by its own merits, to do the job.

The third is the good old way of using your browser to browse Facebook messenger on the desktop mode.

Let us go through them one by one.

Send docs on Messenger Lite

In my view, this is the best alternative if you do not want to install additional applications. The Messenger Lite is almost the Messenger, minus the graphics and smooth functionality. If you are not a fan of fanciness, you may very well uninstall the main Messenger and use only Messenger Lite. Messenger Lite can do all the basic tasks of the main Messenger. It also boasts simplicity.

But if you do not have a RAM or storage problem and like Messenger, you can keep both versions of the app on your mobile. You can use Messenger Lite only when you need to send a doc.

Time Needed : 3 minutes

How To Send Docs on Messenger Lite

  1. Install and open Messenger Lite

    Install Messenger Lite on Android. Before opening the app, make sure that you are logged in the Facebook app. It will make the process easier. After being logged in the Facebook app, open the Messenger Lite. Tap on Continue with [Your Name].

  2. Select the person you want to send the doc to

    On the Messenger Lite, find the person you want to send the doc to. Now tap on the + icon and then tap on File. It will ask you to grant access to your file manager. Tap allow and select the file or doc you want to send.

  • Messenger Lite, Facebook
  • Android
How To Send Docs on Messenger Lite
How To Send Docs (e.g. PDF, MS Office Files) on Messenger Lite

Use RAR File Manager to Send Docs on Messenger

Another way to send doc files on the Messenger app is to have a file manager called RAR installed on your phone. It is a useful application on its own merits. Our phones do not open certain widely used file extensions such as ZIP or RAR files. This file manager does allow you to open and even create ZIP or RAR archive files. On top of it, it allows you to send any files on the Messenger app without installing the Messenger Lite.

How to send docs on Messenger app using RAR

  • Install the app from PlayStore for Android. Open the app and grant all necessary permissions.
  • Navigate to the file you want to send to.
    Tip: If you have downloaded the file from the Internet, you might find it on Download folder.
  • Select the file you want to send by marking it. You can mark multiple files. Now top on the three-dot icon on the top-right corner for options. And, tap on Send.
Send Docs on Messenger via RAR File Manager
How to Send Docs (e.g. PDF or MS Office Files) on Messenger via RAR File Manager
  • From the list of apps, select the Messenger icon.
  • On the Messenger, the file name or preview may not show, but do not worry. Just find out the person you want to send it to by searching on the Messenger or scrolling down a bit. Once you have found the person, tap on Send, to the right of the name.

Switch to the desktop version

It is probably the last resort. If you do not need to send docs file on the Messenger frequently, you may not want to install an additional application. So for you, we have a quick solution.

  • Open your browser and go to to log into your Facebook account.
  • Enable the desktop version on your browser. [See our detailed guide as to how you can switch to the desktop version on all major mobile browsers.]
  • Go to on your browser.
  • Find the person you want to send the file to, just like you do on the desktop. Tap on the conversation with him or her.
  • Just left to the area where you type messages (Type a message), there is a + icon. Tap on it and it will expand to show several icons. Tap on the file icon (the first icon from the left).
  • It will open your default file manager. Select the file and it will be attached. And send it by tapping enter, meaning tick mark on your keyboard.