How To Send Email with Attachment in Mobile Version

Sending Email with attachment from Mobile browsers remains as one of the most wanted queries in web, although various email service providers offer apps which made sending attachment in an email via smartphones very simple. But what about mobile browsers or low end mobile phone? You might be unable to send attachments (Multimedia files, Docs, etc) via email from mobile browsers, such as: Opera Mini, UC Browsers, etc. Let’s discuss about it. We shall try to provide you some ways to send attachments in 3 popular email service providers – Gmail, Yahoo, Nokia Mail.

Send attachment via Yahoo Mail & Nokia Mail from Mobile

Yahoo Mail offers you a default to send attachment via email. You don’t need to discover another ‘special’ way to send attachments via Yahoo Mail. Just click on Compose icon. A new page will appear. You’ll see a option named Attachments (marked by Red rectangle in below screenshot).  Click on the attachment icon. You’ll be able to upload attachment. Nokia Mail (previously Ovi Mail) offers you the same way as Nokia Mail uses Yahoo’s server. Both of the processes are almost same.

How To Send Email with Attachment in Mobile Version

How To Send Email with Attachment in Mobile Version

Send attachment via Gmail from Mobile

It’s little bit of tricky to send attachment via Gmail. In mobile version of Gmail, you’ll only be able to send general text. To send attachment via Gmail mobile version, you have to activate basic HTML version of Gmail in your mobile version. This version of Gmail offers you to send attachment. Just follow the link – and don’t forget to bookmark the page. And remember, if you use Opera Mini, then activate Single Column View. To activate Single Column View, go to Menu >> Settings >> Single Column View >> On in Opera Mini. After accessing basic HTML version of Gmail, you will be able to upload and attachment via Gmail from mobile browsers. After tapping or clicking on Compose Mail, you’ll find the uploader. Use it and send attachments.

How To Send Email with Attachment in Mobile Version


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