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How to Use Facebook Messenger to Send SMS

It’s not exactly how it sounds. Facebook included a kind of ‘SMS’ feature in its Messenger app. From now on,…

By Editorial Staff , in Apps , at June 19, 2016

It’s not exactly how it sounds. Facebook included a kind of ‘SMS’ feature in its Messenger app. From now on, if you want, you could use the Messenger app, as a substitute to your SMS app, to send not only normal ‘text’ messages but also ‘stickers, photos, videos, voice clips, GIFs, your location, and money.’

Now, before passing judgment, please know that this feature has the potentiality to earn a lot of admirers. I have encountered a colleague who uses a high-end Samsung device, which by default doesn’t allow its SMS app to send a text that contains more than 160 words as an SMS. If the number of words exceeds 160, it automatically converts to MMS, which the receiver doesn’t always receive. To fix this problem, he had to use an alternative SMS app, which was, in his case, Facebook Messenger.

In a blog-post in Facebook Newsroom, David Marcus, VP of Messaging Products, wrote, “You can make video and voice calls while at the same time not needing to know someone’s phone number.”

How to send SMS via Facebook Messenger app

So, how actually can you send text messages, among other things, with Facebook messenger app? The answer is a bit tricky. Let’s follow the following steps and see what happens.

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How to send SMS through the Facebook Messenger app

  • Open the Messenger app and tap on ‘Settings’ or gear icon at the right-top of the app.
  • A number of options will appear. You’d select ‘SMS’ and then launch ‘Default SMS app’. And done.
Use Facebook Messenger to Send SMS
  • From now on, when an SMS comes from, for say, your friend’s phone number, the Messenger app, instead of your default SMS app, will display it. You can also respond by using the app.
  • But there are also Facebook’s own messages, right? Yes. Normal SMSs will be shown in orange color whereas Facebook’s own messages will have its generic blue color.
  • So why is the Messenger different than normal SMS app? It supports, as Marcus said, picture, videos, audio clippings, stickers, emoji and your location aside from normal text messages.
  • However, in order to send GIF or initiate a voice or video call, you have to use the Messenger as a Facebook’s additional app.
  • There is no fear over privacy, as Facebook claims that it’ll not preserve relating data in its own server.
  • And the last thing. Unlike Facebook inboxing, exchanging SMS through the Messenger app is not free. Rather, it will cost you as per your operator’s policy.