Most of the readers might have used a Nokia. Nokia let their user to connect to the internet from computer using a Nokia phone via an application. Many of us might have heard about that app. Yes. It’s Nokia PC Suite.
But now days Android changes the definition of smartphones and replaces Nokia’s market rapidly. Android users are increasing day by day. Today, most of the smartphone users use android! So using android device as modem to connect to the internet should be common topic. But many people don’t know about it.
You’ll be amazed to hear that, android let their user to use it as a internet modem without using any application! But you didn’t know, right? Because that option is spelled with different words!
We found at least three ways to use an android device to connect to internet from desktop. Lets discuss about those methods. Hope, you’ll be able to chose a suitable method.

Share Android data connection via Bluetooth

You don’t need to use any data cable according to this method! Just navigate through: Settings / Wireless & Networks / Tethering & Portable Hotspot/( Check) Portable WiFi Hotspot

After a moment, the phone starts broadcasting its Wi-Fi network name (SSID), so you can connect to it with up to 8 computers or other devices.

If your computer can obtain an Internet connection via Bluetooth, you can configure your phone to share it’s mobile data connection with your computer. Pair your phone with your computer. Configure your computer to obtain its network connection via Bluetooth. Open you android device and Navigate through: Settings / Wireless & Networks / Tethering & Portable Hotspot / (Check) Bluetooth tethering. Now, computer starts sharing your device’s internet connection.

Share Android data connection via USB

If you can’t do previous method, then you can follow this method. You have to connect your android device with a USB Cable. Go to Settings > Wireless & networks > More > Tethering & portable hotspot > (Check) USB tethering. Now, your PC starts using your Android device’s data connection.

Share Android data connection as a WiFi Hotspot

You can even turn your Android device into a WiFi hotspot and share your Android’s data connection with PC or other devices! All you need to do is to go to: Settings > Wireless & networks > More > Tethering & portable hotspot >(Check) Portable Wi-Fi hotspot.

Turn on your PC or Laptop or other device’s WiFi. After few seconds, you’ll find a Find a new WiFi Connection. Just start using it!

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Share Android data connection via PdaNet

f you are still not able to share your mobile data with computer due to computer’s limitation, you can do the job by installing a third party Application. It’ll work superbly in all android devices and computers. Follow these steps:

  1. Download PdaNet 3.02 for PC and install it in your Android Device.
  2. Download PdaNet 3.02 for Android & install it in your PC or Laptop. Open it and you’ll get only two options. Now click on Enable USB tethering.
  3. Connect your device to computer using USB Cable. It’ll automatically be connected to internet. If not, click on PdaNET icon from System Tray and click on Connect to the internet.

Hope you got this. Please feel free to comment if you are facing any problems.