You have an internet connection in your PC or laptop, but want to share this PC data connection with your mobile phone?! Suppose your personal computer or laptop has a broadband connection! But you don’t want to browse the internet via your PC or laptop right now. Rather you prefer your smartphone! Whatever it is Android or iPhone! Or suppose you need to use internet connection with your friends, then you should learn how to turn your PC or laptop into WiFi hotspot or how to share your PC internet connection with your mobile phone! Both processes are the same! After understanding this easy method, you can also share your PC connection with other PCs too! Just follow below easy tasks carefully!

To share your PC or Laptop connection with your Smartphone, all you need are A WiFi supported Personal Computer or Laptop with a working Internet Connection. Such as- Broadband Connection, Modem, etc! Another thing is a Mobile Phone that supports WiFi! Our motive is simple! We’re going to turn your PC into a WiFi Hotspot so that another device (Mobile Phone, Computer) can use our PC’s internet connection via WiFi! But we don’t even need a router! Just follow below instructions!

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  • Download Virtual Router Plus on your PC or Laptop! It’s a small application that will let you make your PC a WiFi Hotspot!
  • After downloading, install Virtual Router Plus on your computer.
  • Turn On your PC or Laptop’s WiFi.
  • After installing, open Virtual Router Plus. Press Yes if it requires permission.
  • Application interface will appear. It looks like the below screenshot.
Share PC or Laptop Internet with Mobile

  • Give this new connection a name. You can replace with your desired name!
  • You can use a manual password instead of default 12345678! Just replace 12345678 with your password!
  • Select the connection, which you want to share with others! For me, I selected Broadband Connection, as I wanted to share this connection!
  • Now click on Start Virtual Router Plus.
  • Wait for a few seconds! After a while, it will be activated and placed itself to your system tray!
  • Turn on your Smartphone or any other laptop or PC’s WiFi! Scan for available connections. The new connection you made on your PC / Laptop, will appear. Select the connection and give the password, which you used making this connection! After a few seconds, other devices will be able to use your shared connection via WiFi!
  • Now you can use the same connection on various devices altogether at the same time!