How To Stop Wireless Updates on Android Phones

It’s very annoying feature in some of low-end Android smartphones. I have been asked for several times to find a solution of Wireless Update error problem. Although this feature is not available in Android devices like Samsung, however, it appears in some local Android smartphones, manufactured by Symphony, Micromax, etc. Whenever you connect with internet Wireless Updates automatically starts updating from database using data connection. Once it completes downloading, it makes the device restarts promptly to start installing process. Once the device shuts down, it tries to install the downloaded Wireless Updates. However, after installing few percentages of updates it stops and shows an error notice. After that, it won’t automatically switch power on until you manually opens the phone.
Suppose, you set an alarm to get early in the morning in order not to miss an important meeting. But when you are in sleep, the Wireless Updates makes your device switched off and as it will surely fail to complete installing process, the phone won’t awake automatically, and therefore it won’t be able to sound the alarm! So there is a chance to miss the alarm as well as the event. Even in general, the alarm sounds when the phone is switched off. But in this case, it won’t! To avoid this irritating feature, Wireless Updates, you have to follow below steps.
  • Generally, Wireless Updates setting is situated in Settings >> About Device >> Wireless Updates.
  • In Wireless Updates settings page, in right top, you’ll see a setting icon. Tap on this icon.
  • UNMARK an option namely – Allow automatic downloads.
  • MARK an option namely – Updates via Wi-FI only. If you don’t use Wi-FI ever, then this marking this option will be enough protection for you. But in order to secure that it won’t irritate you again, you have to follow next steps.
  • Above four steps are described in below screenshot.  

How To Stop Wireless Updates on Android Phones

  • Go to phone’s Settings >> Data Usage >> (Tap on Tab with the name of your Mobile operator such as Robi, Grameen Phone, Vodaphone, T-Mobile, Airtel, etc).
  • Find out Wireless Update and tap on it. Mark the option namely – Restrict background data.

How To Stop Wireless Updates on Android Phones

  • And find the WiFi tab also and tap on it. If Wi Fi usage is not shown in tabs, then on the top-right corner you’ll find few options. Mark on ‘Show Wi-Fi usage‘.
  • Now you’ll see the WiFi tab, just beside your mobile operator’s name. And using previous method, find out Wireless Update from the app list and tap on it. And mark on – Restrict background data.

How To Stop Wireless Updates on Android Phones

  • Viola! You’re done! The wireless updates will not disturb you again. 


  1. Thank you I find this !! When I buy this phone I get irritated becoz of wireless update my phone get error and turn into recovery mode two times and two times I get repair and spend money but now I wanted it to be safe and be normal again !! Thank you a lot!! It helps me!!

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