Mozilla Foundation is making world’s cheapest smartphone, this news is very much appreciated to south-asian market. Firefox Operation System powered smartphone’s price has been decided and it’s only 25$! Many people are thinking about this smartphone in Bangladesh too.
This smartphone will be marketed along with Chinese cheap maker company Speed-Tram. Data, spread til now, says the smartphone has a screen of 3.5″ and 320*480 pixels. Already it can be bought in many countries. The phone maker received positive responses from the customers making it the second popular product of Mozilla Foundation after Mozilla Firefox Browser.
The smartphone also features WiFi, Bluetooth, FM Radio, 2 MP Camera, Mozilla Firefox (HTML5) as the default browser. 
Although Mozilla hasn’t announced anything about bringing this cheapest smartphones to Bangladeshi market, but Telenor confirmed the rumour true. The chief strategic officer of Telenor Digital – Andal Halin informed the information. Last Saturday, he told that, Telenor is going to bring Mozilla smartphone to the Bangladeshi market in this year. ‘But Telenor hasn’t planned briefly’ – he said.