Samsung has announced world’s first ever Tizen OS powered smartphone named Samsung Z! Although Tizen OS was used in Samsung smartwatch earlier. But it’s the first time  for a Tizen OS powered smartphone has been announced from Samsung. Tizen OS has been developed by Samsung itself. The announcement is also considered as the Samsung’s first effort to make different OS powered smartphone without Android since Android OS was used in Samsung Galaxy for first time in 2009.
On 2nd June, Samsung said it will start selling Samsung Z smartphone that runs on Samsung’s own Tizen OS in the third quarter (Sep-Oct-Dec) of this year. It’s the Samsung’s first effort to reduce dependence on Google’s Android OS since Samsung started selling Android OS powered Smartphone.
But Tizen OS is not unheard as it was previously used in Samsung Smartwatch. As far as we know Tizen OS smartphone will have several pre-installed applications and users will be able to install additional apps from Tizen Store. Samsung has been encouraging app developers to develop Tizen powered apps, but still the numbers of apps in Tizen Store likely to be little in comparison to Android Play Store & Apple App Store.

Samsung Z Smartphone Specifications

The Korea based tech-giant said that, Samsung Z smartphone will have a 4.8 inch HD display, a finger print sensor to ensure security from theft, and a glossy design. They also said that the internet can be browsed faster in Tizen OS powered smartphones as well as in Samsung Z too. It will aslo let its users take advantage of apps more effectively. But experts said that, there will not be much difference between Android OS and Tizen OS as both of them share Lynux as the underlying framework. Samsung Z will have been shown live at a Tizen developer conference that will be held in San Francisco next week!