According to NPD Group’s report, Apple Inc. tops the top ten list of most popular smartphone brands in U.S.A with 45% share in this market! Report says, more than 120 million Apple smartphones sold in 2013! Samsung occupied 2nd place with 26% of total smartphone market share!
Apple tops in US smartphone market
Apple – CNet

The report has been revealed on Thursday. While Apple and Samsung tops the list, LG occupies the 3th place getting almost 8% and HTC toook 4th place with 6% while Motorola represented four percent of Smartphone sold! Blackberry is not shining at all, sinking in fact! Had occupied closer to 5% last year, but took 2% in this year!

Top smartphone brands in US
NPD Report

According to NPD groups data, Apple came out the first place in 2012 too with 44% share in US smartphone market! Although, Samsung took the second place, but gained occupying 26% share, 1% more than previous years record!

But the interesting fact is, one-third of total smartphone sales were in first quarter of the year! The report was made surveying over more than 5000 US consumers with ages 18 and older. This report also shows that about 60% of people have a smartphone own, while it was 52% in last year!