Once upon a time, it was only about Nokia. The company could occupy the overwhelming portion of smartphone market. But now, it’s all about Android. This is Android’s kingdom! So you have an Android device and want your old Nokia contacts to be transferred to your new Android smartphone? Well, not a tough job. I’ll show you one of the easiest and sustainable ways to transfer old Nokia contacts to Android device. If you read and understand this post carefully, you’ll also learn how to export outlook contacts to your android device via Google account!

Pre-Requirements for transferring Nokia contacts to Android

  1. Your old Nokia device and new Android device.
  2. A PC with Bluetooth support. If your PC doesn’t support establishing connection via Bluetooth, then you might need Data Cable of Nokia device. 
  3. Internet connection – in both PC and Android Mobile.
  4. Nokia PC Suite. If you don’t have Nokia PC suite in your PC, then install a older version from here. This old version of PC suite works well.

Instruction to transfer Nokia contacts to Android

I would like to divide the whole job into three sub-divisions. First, you need to establish connection between your PC and Nokia mobile phone, and backup your old contacts via Nokia PC suite. Second, you have to import the old contact backup from outlook and then export those contacts to your Google account (Gmail) and viola! Just sync your same Google account that is logged in your Android device. Everything is done. Let’s discuss the matter elaborately.

Back Up your old contacts to Outlook via Nokia PC Suite

  • Establish connection between your PC and Nokia mobile via PC Suite / Ovi Suite. You may try Bluetooth or USB cable to do this job.
  • After connecting your Nokia device with PC, open PC Suite application. Click on Synchronise tab.
  • Now keep pressing Next button and at a stage it will start taking back up of contacts.

  • Now open Microsoft Outlook and sign in your Gmail account
  • Now click on Contacts tab of Outlook and go to File >> Import and Export and new window will appear. 
  • Then follow the steps. Select Export to a file >> Comma Separated Values (Windows) >> and Next >> Next >> Next. Follow the below picture. 3 steps have been described at a glance. 

  • At last give a name to the file and find a location of the file to save the exported file into it. And click Finish.

Import Outlook Contacts to Gmail

  • Open your browser and log in to the same Gmail account.
  • In the Gmail window, click the drop-down that appears when you hover over “Mail” (under the Gmail logo in the left corner), and select Contacts.
  • Once you’re in the Contacts window, “hover” the mouse over the contacts pane (left side) to reveal the entire tree and the Import Contacts button. See picture. 

  • After you click Import Contacts, a new window will appear. Select the Choose File button, locate the file exported from Outlook, and then click the Import button. 

    Sync your phone

    Now, all you have to do is run the sync on your Android device. Each phone will handle this process in various ways, but more than likely, all you need do is wait a moment and the device should auto-sync the new contacts. If not, you can follow these steps.
    • Open up Contacts
    • Click the menu button
    • Tap Accounts
    • Tap your ‘Same Gmail / Google’ account. Click the Contacts button.
    • Click the Contacts button.
    • Tap Sync Now.

    That should do it. Your Outlook contacts should now be on your Android phone.