One of the most annoying things on Facebook they used to keep is allowing other friends to send you Game or App requests. There used to be no official way to stop your friends from sending you game or app requests on Facebook. However, you are now allowed to turn off Facebook app requests on a mobile phone,

Some game-freak friends of mine generally spend most of their time playing online games on Facebook; and whenever they stuck on a level, they like to send me a request to rescue them! Sometimes some curious friends want to know the answer of some awkward questions such as: when they would be dead, which friend might kill them, how many days they have left to live, which celebrity is their look-alike, what their sexiness level is, etc by using a Facebook app! The most irritating matter is they don’t even bother to send a request to each of their hundreds of friends, urging them using that app! They don’t care even about the fact that suggests that incautious use of some Facebook apps may lead to a hacked account!

However, those who are tired of notifications of app/game requests sent by friends on Facebook may follow the below steps to turn off app/game request in just three simple steps even on a mobile phone, because the Facebook authority has introduced a new feature that lets you turn off the notifications of game/app request to be surfaced on Facebook. Definitely it’s a sad day for online game-lovers!

Steps to Turn Off Notifications of Game / App Requests on Facebook Mobile

  • Log in to your Facebook account.
  • Now go to Settings (on a mobile browser) or Account Settings (on Facebook App).
  • Navigate through: Apps >> Platform >> Off
Turn Off Facebook App / Game Requests in 3 Steps on Mobile

  Viola! You’ve done! You’ve just turned off or revoked the game/app requests to be surfaced in the notification tab on your Facebook profile.