By now you may have realized that creating a Facebook page on a mobile phone doesn’t solve everything. Lots of page notifications – most of which are unnecessary – are filling your Facebook bar and you want to get rid of them, right? If so, please do know that turning off Facebook page notifications is now easier than ever.

You can turn Facebook page notifications entirely off or stop or customize Facebook page notifications right from your mobile device by following some easy steps. You can do it either by using a standard mobile browser – preferably Google Chrome on Android or Safari on iPhone – or the Facebook mobile app.

How to disable Facebook page notifications on mobile

  • First, go to your Facebook page.
  • If you’re using the Facebook app, at the top-right corner of the page, there is a three-dotted icon. Tap on the icon. See the screenshot for a clear idea.
  • If you’re using a browser such as Google Chrome, right below the title of your page, there are four tabs or tools: “Publish”, “Photo”, “Edit Page” and “More”. Tap on “More”. See the screenshot to get a clearer idea.
How to Turn off Facebook Page Notification on Mobile
  • And from now on, the next options are the same regardless of Facebook app or browser version. After tapping on “Edit Settings” from the app or a browser, a set of new options will emerge.
  • Among the new options, tap on “Notifications” and “On Facebook” thereafter. Check out the above screenshot for clear sight.

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  • Now in the first part, you’ll be provided with three options, whereas the first option – that is to say, “On”, is automatically checked in. You can either entirely turn it off or stop ALL notifications by selecting “Off”, or allow Facebook to show a bunch of important notifications to automatically by selecting “Digest”.
  • If you do not want to fully turn off all Facebook page notifications, after selecting the Digest tab, manually check or uncheck the options of the notifications you want to keep or get rid of.