Unfortunately, Android is not so smooth in handling Unicode and Complex Script and there was no way of installing new font without rooting the device. There are many Android users who don’t want to root their device. Because it voids their device’s warranty, it is a little bit of difficult task.
But Samsung has come up with a great way of allowing installing fonts. On Samsung Devices or other devices with custom font support, you can see Bangla in Applications, But the complex script (Jukto Borno) may not appear correctly in some devices.
But you know “Something is better than Nothing”! Let’s do something. Below steps are for Samsung Devices Only. After that method, we will use another method to install Bangla Font on other Android devices.

Install Bangla / Bengali Font in Samsung Android

  • Don’t use Opera Mini browser for any of the steps below. Use Android’s default browser.
  • Go to your device’s Settings > Application and make sure Unknown sources is MARKED. If you see any warning click OK.

  • Download the Font file to your Phone or Tablet from this link- http://j.mp/banglaf
  • Open the downloaded file by tapping and install it in your device.
  • Go to Settings> Display> Font style and select BanglaFont. Tap OK and then tap Restart Now.
  • Now go to this link- Font Test. If you see Bangla font, then it’s okay!

How To Easily Write Bangla On Android

Install Bangla / Bengali font on other Android

  1. Download solaimanlipi2.0.ttf (new version and ZIP file) font from this link
  2. Rename solaimanlipi2.0.ttf to DroidSansFallback.ttf 
  3. Navigate through your device’s “System -> Fonts -> Folder”  path and replace the default DroidSAnsFallback.ttf font with your DroidSansFallback.ttf  (renamed solaimanlipi2.0.ttf ).
    Tips: Use a File Manager Application that can access you inside root folders. Root Explorer or File Manager HD is recommended.
  4. Restart your Android. I hope you will see Bangla in your Android device. Note: Devices like Symphony or Walton has default Bangla font support.

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