It’s very disappointing issue for Nokia s60v5 users. They see java applications half screen in their phone. Let’s make it Full Screen!

1. Go To Menu/ Settings / Application Manager

2. Select Installed Apps.

3. Highlight the Java application, game or any other software which you wish to run in full screen mode.

4. Select Option / Suite Settings

5. Select On-Screen Keyboard

6. From the various options given, select Off.

7. Select Ok

8. Press
back and exit the application manager.
Thats It!

Now open the application (for which you changed the settings) and enjoy it in full screen mode!

Note: This formulla only for s60v5 devices.

If it doesn’t work or your phone is not s60v5, then try our another tutorial: How To Make Java Applications Full Screen Touch Support. Hope it’ll work Perfectly.