Water is the main enemy of your mobile device, whatever if it is smartphone or not! There are some water-proof smartphones in the market, but most of them become damaged if they got wet. So, what to do, if mobile device got wet? Few steps to salvage a waterlogged mobile phone as well as few things to not do if your mobile device goes swimming are given below.

mobile phone dropped in water

  1. Dry your mobile phone off as soon as possible. Use tissue-paper to dry the outside of your phone. Do not shake the phone much.
  2. Pop the battery out. It is one of the important steps. Because many micro parts can be protected from being damaged if you can disconnect the power supply urgently. Dry the back cover and battery also.
  3. Pop the SIM card out as it may contain lots of important data. Put SIM card on a dry place until your phone becomes OK.
  4. Now let the mobile phone dry off after popping the battery off. But DO NOT use excessive heat. You may use heat of table lamp.
  5. If possible, you can use vacuum cleaner. It helps to remove each water-point from the micro-parts of your phone.
  6. You can use dry rice. Put your phone in a zipper bag and pour the rice over it. Keep this method alive for 12-15 hours. It will absorb the all water. You should follow this method urgently.
Put your phone in a zipper bag and pour the rice over it

  1. Now put your battery back in your phone and try to turn it on. If it still does not turn on, try to take your phone every apart (if you know the primary technique). After opening casing and other parts, use tissue-paper or vacuum cleaner to dry it off.

What NOT to do, if your mobile device gets wet

  1. Do not under any circumstances take a excessive heat source like hair dryer to your phone. It
    will speed up the drying time but this will also fry the electronics.
  2. Do not try to take your phone into parts if you are not a cell phone
    technician. The rice will absorb the water away eventually, you just have
    to wait. 
  3. Do not let your phone stay wet. Start drying process as soon as possible.
  4. Do not try to turn your phone on if it is not dried yet. It will make your mobile phone permanently spoiled.