When Steve Jobs conceived the idea of Apple, there did not exist any need for smartphones or MacBook. But Apple marketed itself in such a creative manner that within a couple of years, Apple products were high in demand and giving all rival companies a run for their money. Now, Apple is the most sought after brand in the market. A couple of days before the launch of any new Apple iPhone or MacBook, people start camping outside Apple offices just to get their hands on the Apple products before anyone else. Such is the popularity and demand of Apple. The question arises: What is so special in Apple that other brands lack? The following points may help in finding the answer:

Apple made sure when it created demand for its products that people will never find them out of stock. Apple has a wide network of distributors, offering Apple products to people all over the world. You will also notice that customers have gain so much awareness due to internet, every product or model having its accurate specifications & reviews made it a lot easier for customers to choose among wide range of options, hence backing the E-business. E-commerce have gain so much exposure and acceptance due to this and so many renown sites like eBay, Amazon, alibaba & Kaymu etc. list iPhone on their home page. This is because people search most for iPhone because of the high quality and image of the brand. Other Apple products like MacBook and Apple Watch are also popular among the online community.
The reason Apple became so successful is because of all the innovations. Apple offered something unique to users, something they had never experienced before. People were willing to pay more because they knew in exchange, they will get products of the highest quality. Blazing fast speed, alignment of phone and computer data, and features like fingerprint scanner etc. represent innovativeness at its best.
One thing Apple managed to do successfully pretty early on in its journey was to get the leading people of different fields on board with them. We saw movie stars, politicians and sports stars flashing their iPhones everywhere. This elevated the status of the brand and common people also started following their stars. The high quality of the products, the excellent support services, and the innovativeness in features raised Apple’s brand symbol. The Apple logo became a sign of sophistication and modernity. It was an experience everyone wanted to be a part of.
Both iPhone and MacBook run on Apple’s own software, iOS. Easy to use and sleek and fast in design, the iOS won people over the increasingly annoying Windows platform and the buggy Android platform. iOS was a step into the world of Apple. Add to it the support Apple offered to its older iPhones. It all turned out to be a package very few brands offered.
Apple managed to grasp audience’s minds by offering something people didn’t even think they would need. Apple actually created a need for its product. You can visit any active online Apple community and see users discussing everything about Apple. One thing you will find among all Apple users is that they are loyal to the brand. This is something other brands have been unable to do and credit must go to Apple for maintaining their customer base through superior products and ever improving services.
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Originally, written by Nimrah Shahid