How To Write Bangla On iPhone with Default Bangla Keyboard

Finally, Apple has included Bangla keyboard in iOS 8.1, meaning you will be able to write Bangla on iPhone without having to install third-party software. It is certainly a big deal for Bengali/Bangla speaking community around the world. If you have bought an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus or iPad Mini 3 or newer devices, you will have the keyboard pre-installed on your device. However, if you have an older device such as iPhone 4S, iPad Mini 2, you will have to update your device to have the in-built Bengali keyboard.

I have previously written about how you can write Bangla on iPhone with Ridmik Keyboard. (Ridmik Keyboard is also available on Android. Read our detailed tutorial as to how to write Bangla on Android using Ridmik.)

Since the Ridmik Keyboard is often considered the easiest tool to write Bangla on a smartphone, you might want to use Ridmik Keyboard to write Bangla on iPhone. However, I caution using Ridmuk Keyboard on older devices (such as iPhone 4/4s) that have smaller RAMs because that might slow down your devices. In that case, I would strongly recommend you to use the default or in-built Bangla keyboard to write Bangla on iPhone or iPad and get used to it gradually.

Time needed: 5 minutes.

Instructions to write Bangla on iPhone with default Bangla Keyboard

  1. Check eligibility if you have an old device

    If you have iPhone 4S/iPad Mini 2 or Apple smartphone with older iOS, then please update your device to iOS 8.1.1. Check if your Apple device is eligible to install iOS 8.1.1 at all.

  2. Add Bangla keyboard on iPhone

    Assuming you have either newer devices or have updated your older devices, navigate: Settings >> General >> Keyboard >> Keyboards >> Add New Keyboard

  3. Find and select Bangla keyboard

    After navigating the abovementioned path, select Bangla.

    How To Write Bangla On iPhone with Default Bangla Keyboard

  4. Use the ‘globe’ icon to switch to Bangla keyboard

    Now go to anywhere in your device and start typing. The English keyboard will still appear first. Use the ‘globe‘ icon to change the keyboard to Bangla.

    How To Write Bangla On iPhone with Default Bangla Keyboard

Please note that the methods described above will be applicable for iPad devices, too.



    1. I'm sorry. Because there is no any software or live Bangla keyboard for iPhone. I can't understand why developer don't make an important app like a Bengali keyboard for iPhone! By the way, I will definitely let you know if I found an app like that. 🙂

  1. কিভাবে বিষর্গ যেমন "দুঃখ" টাইপ করব? আমি অনেক চেষ্টা করেও "দুঃখ" টাইপ করতে পারিনি। এজন্যে আমার অনেক দুঃখ। আপনার জানা থাকলে প্লিজ জানান।

    1. Use google, type দু, automatically অনেক দু দিয়ে word এসে যাবে, select যেটা দরকার, তারপর copy and paste করুন, so easy

    2. Go to google, type দু, অনেক দু দিয়ে word এসে যাবে, তার থেকে দুঃখ select করে নিন, তারপর copy and paste করুন, simple তাই না?

    1. iOS versions that are lower ones than iOS 8 don't support external keyboards. However, they do have several keyboards of different languages. But those keyboards are Apple's own. Problem is, Bangla keyboard was not included in the list of official keyboards of iPhone until iOS 8 came. Therefore, you have to update your iPhone's core software in order to enjoy default Bangla keyboard. In addition, you can enjoy external keyboard feature and hence manual Ridmik Bangla Keyboard for iPhone, which is so powerful and popular. Prior to that, you might want to check if your device is eligible to be updated to iOS 8 and/or higher versions.

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