Writing Bangla in iPhone (iOS) is one of the most wanted features among Bengali speaking iPhone users. Android users can write Bangla via Ridmik Keyboard. Now you can also write Bangla in iPhone that has latest iOS 8 using Ridmik Keyboard. It’s the first (and only so far) live custom Bangla keyboard for iPhone and iPad. You can write Bangla anywhere in iPhone and iPad using Ridmik Keyboard. But your iPhone or iPad must have the iOS 8. Please be noted that iPhone 4S & iPad Mini 2 users can update their phone to iOS 8.1.1. After updating, you can install and use Ridmik Keyboard in your iPhone 4S and iPad Mini 2.  

Problem to write Bangla in iPhone

Before proceeding, I should talk about some factors. iPhone users could always write Bangla in their device. But since iPhone didn’t support custom keyboard in its previous versions, people couldn’t write Bangla with a custom keyboard. They had to use some different ways, such as: online converter that phonetically converts English words to Bangla words, using some offline applications that phonetically converts English to Bangla (and then people can copy those Bangla words and paste elsewhere). However, several years ago I wrote about that method to write Bangla in iPhone too. It’s obviously not a comfortable way. People wanted a different keyboard that could let users write anywhere in iPhone. But developing such custom Bangla keyboard was impossible as iOS 7 & earlier versions didn’t let develop such keyboard.
However, the limitation is now vanished. Because the latest iOS 8 that was used in iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus, and was released in September 17, 2014 supports developing custom keyboard. So the door of developing custom live keyboard to write Bangla in anywhere in iPhone opens.

Update iPhone 4S, iPad Mini to iOS 8.1.1

What is Ridmik Keyboard?

Ridmik Keyboard is a renown and popular Bangla keyboard for Android that uses easy phonetic writing method and recently it has reached one million downloads in Play Store. The head of Ridmik Keyboard‘s developer team informed us via Facebook status that he was preparing to release Ridmik Keyboard for iPhone in AppStore. He has already released the app in AppStore. Though its current version has still several bags, but it is the best and only way to write Bangla in iPhone and iPad. So if you have the latest iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, or a iPhone / iPad that has the latest iOS 8, you are lucky to use this custom Bangla keyboard to write Bangla in your iPhone

Why to use Ridmik Keyboard in iPhone?

  1. Ridmik Keyboard is the only solution and you have no other options. It is Ridmik Keyboard that is the only custom Bangla keyboard in AppStore that lets its users to write anywhere in the device. 
  2. The prime reason is – Ridmik Keyboard for iPhone is free. And most importantly it is fully AD-FREE.
  3. You can write Phonetic Bangla, Unijoy Bangla (Bijoy Layout) and English language using a single keyboard.
  4. There are some awesome themes too. Another user-friendly matter is it uses Phonetic Bangla Layout that is very easy. You just need to write amar and it will convert it to আমার.
  5. It has Bangla / English word prediction or suggestion for faster writing.

iPhone 4S and iPad Mini 2 user? Please read below instructions.  

At first, check if your Apple device is eligible to install iOS 8.1.1 and get Ridmik If you’re a iPhone 4S or iPad Mini 2 user, as I said earlier, you have to update your device, I have given updating procedure above. However, as I experienced earlier, Ridmik Keyboard is not the best one for you. You might face several problems in Ridmik Keyboard. We have to wait til Ridmik releases its next version for updated iPhone users. Meanwhile, you can use the iOS 8’s default Bangla Keyboard to write Bangla in your device. I strongly recommend iPhone 4S, iPad Mini 2 users to use default Bangla keyboard instead of using Ridmik. Follow below link.

Write Bangla in iPhone with default Bangla Keyboard

Procedure To Use Ridmik Keyboard in iPhone

  • After installing Ridmik Keyboard in your iPhone, go to your iPhone’s Settings >> General >> Keyboard >> Keyboards >> Add New Keyboard >> Ridmik (You’ll find Ridmik under THIRD PARTY KEYBOARDS).

  • Now you’ll be asked to allow full access to Ridmik Keyboard. Allow this permission. You’re done! Start typing anywhere in your device. Use ‘Globe’ symbol to change Keyboard. 

  • After finding Ridmik, you can change Avro, Unijoy, English mode by sweeping Space Bar.

  • Tap space bar twice to write দাঁড়ি. 
  • More How Tos can be  found in Ridmik Keyboard’s icon that appears in home-screen. Keyboard Layout and writing method were described there. Go to your iPhone Home-screen >> Ridmik (icon) >> How To.